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Pallet of Leaves

Pallet of Leaves is the creation of the French-American singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Nick Morrison. Together with Maike Novák, Felix Gibaud and Joe Smith, the Berlin-based band fuses American, African and other influences into a sound both novel and traditional, familiar and otherworldly.

A pallet is a modest bed made by hand from the materials that are at hand, and the music of Pallet of Leaves is an ode to simplicity and traditional craftsmanship. A variety of handmade instruments furnish sounds for songs fashioned of bits and pieces of language and rhythm, leaves fallen from ancient trees and gathered from near and far to make a nest for the listeners, where they can both lose themselves and find themselves strangely awake, aware, and at home. Some songs ask you to listen: others ask you to dance. But the attention always comes back to the curious cast of characters, an international crew with a collective spirit that invites the audience to join in, to sing, to pray, and to remember.


Tiliboo Afrobeat_Foto_Dovile_Sermokas_22Tiliboo Afrobeat

Tiliboo Afrobeat is a Berlin-based band led by Sénégalese composer-vocalist- percussionist Omar Diop. Original compositions and traditional songs mix west- african rhythms and melodies into a funky, electric, international sound. From afro- jazz to salsa and reggae, the band’s unstoppable groove provides a grand backdrop for one of Berlin’s most charismatic vocalists.


With Polyversal Souls at Überjazz Festival 2015

Polyversal Souls

Max Weissenfeldt’s Polyversal Souls back a variety of international artists in the studio and in concert, playing a mix of global groove music in a big band formation. More info here:




Projects as Guest




JZ James

I play lead guitar for this Blues/Americana songsmith on his 2016 record ‘A Great Notion’, and live whenever he gives me the chance. More info here:












Black Kat at Kultur Kontainer

Black Kat and Kittens

Dvora Davis’ Country Blues, Roots and Soul project, more info here:







Past Projects


2012.9.25 - Kilinba Promo - 443


The Kilinba Orchestra performs original compositions in traditional and modern African styles, including afrocasa, reggae, salsa, soul and sukus.

Based in Berlin, Germany, the band was formed in 2011 around the singer and composer Samba Bory and Kora player Ibrahim Diebaté, both from Sénégal. The full orchestra includes vocals,  djembe, kora, drums, guitar, violin, bass and flute. Kilinba is a fusion of Sénégambian and European musicians.

Kilinba’s first record, “Loundo”, is out! Check it out here.



Charity Children

I got to know the Charity Children during my first summer in Berlin, 2012, when we were busking around Mauerpark every Sunday. They asked me to join them for their CD release concert at the Festsaal Kreuzberg back in July 2013, and I played for with them for the the next two years. The record I made with them, ‘Fabel’, was released in February 2016.

More on the Charity Children here.